Rareza Estrella 20Estrella 20Estrella 20Estrella 20
Coste 11
Clase Wizard
Arma magic
- Ataque Hp
Lvl 1 1040 780
Lvl Max 5280 3100
Lvl Bl 7080 4900
Habilidad Flash Freeze (Mana: 2)

Hace daño ligero de Hielo a un enemigo en tu linea y produce Freeze Editar

Habilidad Pasiva 1 Frost Weapon

Ataque normal produce daño Hielo Editar

Habilidad Pasiva 2 Frost

Ataque normal a veces produce Freeze Editar

Obtencion Sage's Tower; Magical Academy Festival Recruit (January 12, 2015 - January 18, 2015)
One of the Magic Academy’s graduation candidates, a bookish magician hopeful. Half-forest sprite, she wants to be a mage to realize magic wherever it is needed. Poor at talking to people, her closest friend is her hamster, Hamlet. Unfortunately, she gets nervous in actual combat and doesn’t use magic well