Rareza Estrella 20Estrella 20Estrella 20Estrella 20Estrella 20
Coste 16
Clase Wizard
Arma Blade
- Ataque Hp
Lvl 1 2500 1500
Lvl Max 6200 3770
Lvl Bl 8200 5770
Habilidad Absolute Zero (Mana: 2)

Golpea 7 veces con daño medio de hielo a un enemigo

Habilidad Pasiva 1 Way of the Magic Warrior

Ataque de cerca con eficacia

Habilidad Pasiva 2 Piercing Magic

Magia inflige daño penetrante

Obtencion Sage's Tower
A magic warrior born and raised as part of ensorcelling experimentation at the Sage’s Tower. She is a “sealer,” meaning her body is covered in magic seals, and she can use magic freely even in melee combat. Perhaps due to her upbringing, she expresses no feelings, simply fighting as she is ordered


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